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Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus
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During the school year, Upward Bound participants attend monthly advising sessions at their target high school. Instructional and tutorial activities in math, science, language arts, foreign language, and study skills are provided during these sessions. Scholars will also have the opportunity to attend workshops regarding post-secondary educational opportunities, financial aid and tutoring.


Participants are involved with the Kansas State Polytechnic campus for six weeks of learning opportunities that encourage scholars to develop independent skills, assist scholars with the challenges of a college-prep curriculum in high school and prepare them for life on a university campus. Scholars are enrolled in classes throughout the day and, in the evenings, participate in social and cultural activities. These preparatory classes assist scholars with academic success within their own high school curriculum. The summer component includes one week of leadership development; three weeks residential learning; one week of college campus visits and community service, and, an educational and cultural trip for the junior scholars. Our graduating seniors are eligible for the Bridge Component.


The Bridge Component helps graduating seniors transition from high school to college. Scholars are provided with assistance in college admissions, financial aid processes, and campus visits. During the summer after high school graduation, scholars may enroll in up to six credit hours of college level courses at the Kansas State Polytechnic Campus. Upward Bound assumes all fees for these courses, including tuition, books, fees, housing, and meals.