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Upward Bound is a campus-based TRIO program designed to assist area high school students with additional academic preparation, advisement, and encouragement to succeed in high school and later in college.

The Upward Bound Program participants are involved in the program from the time they are selected for participation until they graduate from high school. The program offers a six-week summer residential component and Saturday sessions during the academic year. Students must meet family income guidelines and/or be first-generation college-bound.

There is no cost for participation in the program.


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The mission of Upward Bound at Kansas State Polytechnic is to prepare scholars to persist in post-secondary education by promoting lifelong learning and instilling the ideals of achievement in all aspects necessary to succeed collegiately and personally.  Upward Bound provides an atmosphere that enhances positive self-worth while fostering unity and collaboration in order for scholars to serve others while attaining their full potential.