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Student Accommodation Services

Kansas State Polytechnic students with disabilities requesting accommodations and services are asked to register with the Academic and Student Services Office as soon as possible in order to start the process of requesting accommodations and services for their classroom and testing needs.

Registration Process for Academic or Transportation Accommodations

  1. Complete the application packet (pdf) and return to the Academic and Student Services Office. A paper copy of the packet is available in the office.
  2. Provide appropriate disability documentation.
  3. Meet with Academic and Student Services Manager.
    • Once the documentation is reviewed, the student and Academic and Student Services Manager will meet to discuss any academic accommodations the student may need. The Academic and Student Services Office will determine eligibility and reasonable accommodations, case-by-case, based on the information provided, that may include, but is not limited to:
    • A student's description of need, giving consideration to how the disability impacts the student in the following areas:
      • Communication
      • Physical environment
      • Laboratories
      • Classroom requirements
      • Group projects
      • Reading and writing
      • Use of technology
      • Online environment
      • Campus programs
    • Records of past accommodations and services from another college, high school, or accommodations granted for state, or national standardized tests (such as ACT)
    • Formal psychological or medical evaluation reports
    • Letter from health, education, or other service providers
    • Documentation from governmental agencies (such as Social Security and Veteran Affairs)

The Academic and Student Services Office will work collaboratively with students, faculty, and other departmental staff to coordinate reasonable accommodations on an individual basis. 

  1. Complete the accommodation letter request form (pdf).

This form must be completed every semester or as students realize they would like to request accommodations for a course. Upon request, letters of accommodation are printed and signed by the Academic and Student Services Manager. Students are notified via email when their letters are ready to pick up and are responsible for providing these to their instructors. The letter explains that the student has a documented disability and states what academic accommodations are appropriate.

Request Process for University Housing

Specific information for accommodations in residence halls or Jardine Apartments at Kansas State University can be found at University Housing Accommodations.