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ID Cards

The Student Life Center is available to authorized users only. Authorized users are current students, faculty/staff and spouses and dependents, alumni, enrolled in general fitness course or corporate fitness program, or groups contracted with Recreational Services.

Facility use is a privilege. Participants must present a valid student ID card or facility use key tag each time admitted.

K-State students: All K-State students are issued a Wildcat ID upon admission. It must be carried at all times while on campus. It is for the holder’s personal use only. All student members must have their Wildcat ID to enter Student Life Center recreational facilities. Due to safety and security issues, we will not make exceptions to this policy. Those only using the lobby area will not be required to swipe their card but Kansas State Polytechnic students are required to have their card on them in order to check out gaming equipment.

Keytag members: These members are required to have their key tag with them at all times when entering the Student Life Center. The Recreation staff will not admit any member without their keytag. No exceptions to this rule. Members will be provided their first keytag at no additional cost. Replacement keytag cost is $10 plus tax.

Please do not expect to gain admittance when you do not have your student ID card or facility use key tag. ID cards and key tags are not transferrable. They are for the exclusive use of the identified facility use member and will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner. Wildcat ID card holders must use a valid WID card. All other cards will be confiscated. For other questions regarding WID card policy, please contact the Kansas State Polytechnic ID Center at 785-826-2674.