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K-State Polytechnic Office of Student Life
Center for Academic Excellence and Engagement
Technology Center
2310 Centennial Road
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Kyle Chamberlin
Director of Student Life

Student of Concern

Are you concerned about the health, behavior, or welfare of a K-State student? One of our primary goals is to identify students who may need support or assistance early and to intervene before the student is in crisis. 

Anyone who is aware that a student is exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their academic, social, physical, behavioral, emotional or financial/career wellbeing can report their concerns using the Student of Concern (SOC) Reporting Form. Please note this form is not designed to be an emergency response notification process, although this form can and should be submitted after an emergency situation if there is a student involved. Once the SOC form is submitted, the Office of Student Life can reach out to the student to help get the necessary assistance.

Students may demonstrate behavior that indicates distress and a need for assistance. More than a single circumstance, a combination of several factors is most likely to indicate a problem:

  • Academic performance concerns, uncharacteristic changes
  • Declining grades or reduced class participation
  • Missing or skipping classes; repeated tardiness                                       
  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom and/or on campus, in the community, etc.
  • Apparent memory loss or difficulty concentrating                           
  • Cheating, rule breaking, or defiance
  • Bizarre, aggressive or morbid comments or written content (includes social media)  
  • Job loss, difficulty paying for classes or bills, other financial concerns
  • Expressions of feeling hopeless, helpless, guilty and/or worthless                         
  • Chronic fatigue, falling asleep in class
  • Nervousness or fearfulness                                                       
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Signs of intoxication, dilated or constricted pupils, or apparent hangovers              
  • Poor or declining physical appearance, hygiene and grooming
  • Suspected alcohol or drug use                                                            
  • Erratic behavior, sudden mood swings, inappropriate anger, hostility and irritability
  • Withdrawal from others or loss of pleasure in everyday activities                         
  • Talk of suicide or harm to self or others
  • Family stress                                                               
  • Death of a close friend or relative
  • Sexual assault or domestic violence                                                     
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Relationship issues                                                                 
  • Difficulty adjusting to college, homesickness, wanting to transfer or leave K-State Polytechnic

Once a Student of Concern report is submitted, the Director of Student Life will review and assess the information in order to determine the best course of action for follow-up. This is done on a case-by-case basis and the type of follow-up will vary depending on the information available and the circumstances surrounding the report. Follow-up may include reaching out to the student directly and working with the student on a success plan or appropriate referrals. The Director of Student Life may contact you for additional information.

Please note that once you have submitted an SOC report, you may not receive any specific follow-up information due to privacy laws and regulations.