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Student Governing Association

Julie Rowe, advisor

Joshua Doak, advisor


SGA committees are another way students voices can be heard. Members of Student Government are responsible for taking part in these various committees, and are given the power to make critical decisions that impact the future of Kansas State University Polytechnic.


SGA funds should provide students with a means for intellectual, cultural and social development on campus. The Allocations Committee is a subcommittee of the K-State Polytechnic Student Government Association, and it bears the responsibility of allocating and appropriating funds through activity fees to the various clubs and organizations at K-State Polytechnic.

Educational Opportunity Fund 

Use of EOF is limited to the following purposes: 

  • Academic scholarships and fellowships for both graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Need-based grants, including awards to students with special expenses, or groups of students who have been historically under-represented in higher education.
  • Salaries or grants for students participating in public and community services programs.
  • Salaries for students employed in campus student services programs.

The EOF committee should be composed of the Student Body Vice President, the Director of Financial Aid, the Assistant Director of College Advancement for Student Life, and six students representing diverse campus constituencies. The committee should invite proposals for funding from the EOF, conduct a hearing and review process, and prepare a budget for expenditures from the funding in the upcoming fiscal year. The budget should specify the amount for each program funded and the purpose of the program.  


The Elections Committee is responsible for the equitable running of all K-State Polytechnic SGA elections and shall establish such campaigning regulations as they see fit. All complaints concerning an all-campus election shall be reviewed by the Elections Committee and a decision issued. Decision which find candidates in violation of campaign regulations will be made public.


The Parking Committee monitors and evaluates any issues and concerns related to student parking on the K-State Polytechnic campus. The Committee reviews policies and discusses proposals related to parking and can initiate legislation in order to promote improvements in the policies and actions related to parking at the college. The committee is comprised of four SGA Senators in addition to Campus personnel from Parking Services and Facilities.

Privilege Fee

The Privilege Fee Committee is responsible for the review of line-item fees and addressing the issues of long term financial planning. The committee shall make recommendations on the continuance, discontinuance, or alteration of a line item fee. Recommendations are submitted to the Senate for approval and then sent to college administration.

Faculty and Student Affairs

The Faculty and Student Affairs Committee is tasked with reviewing proposals for use of the $10 per credit hour fee and submitting a recommendation for funding disbursement to the Dean.