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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS, technology is continually expanding. Federal regulations now permit the commercial use of UAS, and research for the next implantation to expand UAS regulations is underway.

Kansas State University currently utilizes UAS for research, advertising, advancing UAS technology, developing the next phase of regulations and offering UAS degree programs for undergraduates and graduates.

Since UAS operate in the same airspace as manned aircraft, incompliance with current regulations poses safety and liability risks to human life and to K-State. Because of this, it is paramount that we ensure our UAS operations are conducted with safety at the forefront of each UAS operation. This includes being fully compliant with local, state and federal regulations.

To ensure this safety, K-State formulated a broad UAS Policy Committee working group to develop the University UAS Policy. Comprised of faculty and staff members all across the University, representation was observed from:

  • College of Agriculture
  • Department of Housing and Dining
  • Division of Communications and Marketing
  • Division of Facilities
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • General Counsel
  • K-State Athletics
  • K-State Police
  • K-State Polytechnic
  • Student Governing Association
  • University of Policy and Public Safety

Helpful Information

Kansas State University UAS Policy

Kansas State University UAS Request Form

Federal Aviation Administration UAS Information

Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 107 Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not operating on Kansas State University property but will be operating for K-State purposes at a remote location. Do I need to fill out a Kansas State University UAS request form?

Yes. Any UAS flight activity in support of your job or research in connection with Kansas State University will require submission and approval of a Kansas State University UAS request form.

I am working on a several-month long project involving the use of UAS. Do I need to submit an application for every flight event?

No. You can submit an application for the entire duration of the project. If any changes to the original scope of the project occur, an amendment must be made. If multiple operation areas are needed, a list of each location can be defined on an attachment to the form or individual requests for each location can be submitted.

I want to operate my UAS near the Manhattan airport. What do I need prior to flying?

Appropriate Submission and approval of a UAS request form and a FAA waiver or authorization. Contact Travis Balthazor at the Applied Aviation Research Center before applying for FAA waivers or authorizations. 785-833-2152 x 105 or travisb@k-state.edu

I need to apply for a 14 CFR Part 107 waiver. What do I need to do?

Submit a UAS request form. Contact Travis Balthazor, Applied Aviation Research Center, at 785-833-2152 x 105 or travisb@k-state.edu well in advance of your flight operations. If the AARC does not currently possess a waiver for your operation, the AARC will work with you to submit a waiver application to the FAA. This will prevent K-State from submitting duplicate applications for the same operations area which the FAA indicated it does not want to happen.

Do I need liability insurance?

Yes, liability insurance is required. Your affiliation to K-State will determine the amount of liability insurance required.

K-State Faculty/Staff$500,000


I have a temporary RPIC. Do I need to wait to submit my UAS request form?

No. Simply write "pending" in the UAS request form and scan a copy to submit with the form. Once your RPIC license arrives, update the designated approval authority.