UAS Night Operations Training

UAS Night Operations Training

UAS operations at night require a special skillset as well as specific aircraft modifications and FAA-based training. This training course covers flight basics at night, necessary FAA training required for night flights, and how to set up and execute a night operation. Attendees will receive flight training tailored to their specific requirements.

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1 flight hour
Use your own UAS or rent
Customized flight scenarios based on attendee's specific use case scenarios


What to Expect

Attendees will receive approximately one hour of hands-on flight training in addition to ground school instruction related to night flight, FAA-required training for operating at night and operations planning. An overview of camera settings for night operation considerations is also included. Attendees may bring their own aircraft or rent a DJI M210 for an additional fee. View the UAS Night Operations Training course schedule for full details.


Experience Matters

"The instructors did a terrific job presenting the material and giving flight instruction. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it."



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