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K-State Polytechnic Professional Education and Outreach
2310 Centennial Road
Outreach Center
Salina, KS 67401-8196

855-552-0079 toll free
785-826-2633 phone
785-826-2632 fax

Professional Education and Outreach

Kansas State Polytechnic Professional Education and Outreach expands the academic offerings of the Polytechnic campus beyond its physical boundaries through responsive learning experiences and serves individuals and organizations seeking knowledge and skills in focused areas of expertise. The unit serves as the leading force in online learning, off campus and professional training programs, and testing services for the College of Technology and Aviation.


Professional Education and Outreach is located in the Outreach Center, building 12 on the Kansas State Polytechnic campus map. Travel information to Kansas State Polytechnic is found on the Directions page.


Kirsten Zoller - Director

Jordan Funk - Academic Program Coordinator

Pam Geihsler - Office Specialist and Testing Center Supervisor

Courtney Hoffman - Academic Advisor

Julie Wilson - Professional Development Program Coordinator