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Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus
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Schedule an Exam

For students using the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center for proctoring, please schedule your exam time using the online exam scheduler. Upon scheduling your exam you will receive a confirmation email within one day with details on when and where to arrive and what you may and many not bring. Please review the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center Policies prior to arriving at the Testing Center.

Exam times are recommended to be scheduled at least one week in advance to ensure exam time availability. Exam times must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Exam proctoring is provided Monday through Friday between 8:00 am to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 pm when the University is open. Review the online scheduler for up to date proctor availability. 

Students testing at the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center must fill out a proctor agreement prior to their first exam date. Students are responsible for coordinating proper procedures for testing between the test provider/school/instructor and the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center. The Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center is not responsible for initiating proctoring or testing services.

How much does proctoring cost?

Kansas State University students, including Polytechnic and Global Campus students, are provided proctoring at no charge. Students not enrolled at Kansas State University pay a semester fee of $10 per course proctored. FAA Knowledge Exams and CLEP exams have additional charges. Exam fees are due at the time of testing. Cash or card only is accepted. 

How do I request exam accommodations?

Students with accommodation approval from the Academic and Student Services office will need to contact the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center by calling 785-826-2633. Students should call the Testing Center prior to scheduling their exam to discuss their accommodations with the Testing Center coordinator. Students needing to arrange for accommodations with Kansas State Polytechnic should contact Academic and Student Services.

How do I request an exam extension?

Exam extensions must first be approved by the instructor and then communicated to the Kansas State Polytechnic Testing Center. Written documentation from the instructor is required for exam extension approval.

For questions, please contact

Professional Education and Outreach
Outreach Center
Kansas State Polytechnic

Schedule an exam