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K-State Polytechnic Roadshow

Join us on the road!

The K-State Polytechnic Roadshow is comprised of Polytechnic faculty members who travel around the state bringing our hands-on, innovative programs to students!

We provide Kansas high school and middle school students, teachers and counselors a glimpse into the courses we teach and the programs we offer at K-State Polytechnic Campus. The Roadshow provides hands-on, interactive demonstrations that incorporate the same technologies our students use daily in their labs and coursework.

We believe in the value of education. Through K-State Polytechnic Roadshow activities, students, teachers and counselors will experience the fun and exciting world of STEM education and the programs we offer at K-State Polytechnic.

Want us to visit your district?

Let us know! Email us at polytechnic@k-state.edu or give us a call at 785-826-2646.

Roadshow in action!

K-State Polytechnic Roadshow setup at a district visit.

Robotics MET Roadshow
Robotics and mechanical engineering technology demonstrations at the K-State Polytechnic Roadshow.

UAS Roadshow
Unmanned aircraft systems demonstration.

Digital Media Roadshow
Digital media technology demonstration.