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Global Aeronautics Initiative

The global aeronautics initiative aims to establish Kansas State Polytechnic as a global leader in the aviation arena. The initiative was developed because of K-State Polytechnic’s unique ability to leverage the convergence of rapid technological advancements in manned and unmanned aeronautics, demand for advanced systems and processes from those systems, and educational opportunities due to the increasing demand for qualified and certified technical experts.

Establishing global leadership in this area requires specific strategic focus in an array of areas. The initiative will focus on strategies such as capacity building in all areas of aeronautics, curriculum development to support new and enhanced programs, corporate partnerships, advanced research and training, building global awareness of K-State Polytechnic as a respected aeronautics leader, and establishing a talent pipeline to keep recent graduates in Salina and attract new students to the community.

Partnering with K-State Polytechnic and Kansas State University in this initiative locally are the City of Salina, Saline County, Salina Airport Authority, Salina Chamber of Commerce and the Salina Community Economic Development Organization.

See President Myers' presentation to the Salina City Commission in June 2017 (pdf).