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Policies & Procedures

Policy and Procedure for issuing keys.

This procedure is to establish the responsibility, eligibility, and approval to carry Kansas State Polytechnic keys. Each department head, or other designated administrator, is responsible for the security of their assigned space. The director of Facilities is responsible for all unassigned space and general use space. Eligibility to obtain a key to any academic area is determines by the appropriate department head or administrator to whom the space is assigned. The completed key request form should then be forwarded to the Security Supervisor.

The following procedures are required to obtain a key:

  1. Key request forms are available to department offices from the Security Office.  Only one key may be issued per form. Every key request should be made in the name of the person directly responsible for the key. No person shall be issued multiple keys for the same area. 
  2. Department heads are required to sign all key requests for their assigned space.  Stamped signatures are unacceptable. 
  3. The permit form must be completely filled out, typed or clearly printed, with all requested information, and properly signed before key will be issued. Permits not completely filled out and properly signed, or not legible, will be returned to the originating department. 
  4. A twenty-four hour notice is required when submitting the request. If the request is submitted by campus mail, the 24 hours begins when Security receives it. Keys must be picked up an signed for at the Security Office. 
  5. A Kansas State Polytechnic ID must be presented when receiving the key. For new employees, a copy of the appointment paper and a valid pictured driver's license is acceptable.  For students, a current paid fee card and a valid pictured driver's license is acceptable. 
  6. Requests for building master keys are processed the same as for a regular key and must be signed by the Security Supervisor. Exceptional need must exist for this approval. Persons authorized to carry a building master will be required to turn in all other keys issued to them for that building. 
    1. A building master is defined as a master key for a particular building, but could include a master key for a section within a building, such as the Library. A building master, or section master, will have 2 letters stamped on the key.
    2. A zone master is defined as a master that may include several buildings or several sections. Zone master keys are issued to Department Heads and/or key maintenance personnel. A zone master key will be stamped with only one letter. 
  7. To replace lost or stolen keys, the above procedures are required and the key permit is to state it is a replacement request. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or stolen keys. The department or the person may pay this fee, but the key will not be released until the fee is paid. To replace lost or stolen key to lab/office/shop is $10.00. To replace lost or stolen building or section master key is $20.00. To replace lost or stolen zone master key is $35.00.

All keys must be returned to the Security Office when the need no longer exists for them.  Keys must be returned when the holder terminates association with the University or proper clearance cannot be finalized. Keys cannot be passed from one person to another without completion of the proper requests. A fee will be charged for all keys not returned by terminating personnel. This fee may be paid by the person or the authorizing department.

Keys may be picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Security Office.  (It is better to call 6-2952 to insure someone is available to issue the key before going to the Security Office.)

Department heads are requested to carefully consider all requests for keys so that the security and protection of all Kansas State Polytechnic buildings and property are maintained.