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Wildcat Weekly

Wildcat Weekly is an enewsletter distributed every Tuesday and coordinated by Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus Communications and Marketing. It provides faculty, staff and students a single source of timely announcements.

Guidelines for submission:

Submissions should be made using the contribute form.

All articles must be submitted by Monday at noon for the current week's newsletter. Any submission after the deadline will be in the following week's newsletter. 

All submissions must be in an article format — no lists, tables, etc.

Only submissions pertaining to Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus will be accepted for publication. Announcements will only be accepted from Kansas State University administration, units or official groups. A group is determined official when it includes elected officers and has established organizational operations and procedures. The Office of Student Services provides requirements for official student organizations.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the article to ensure information is accurate and respectful, and adheres to the university's Principles of Community.

Wildcat Weekly does not publish announcements relating to the following:

  • Articles with names of students who have signed a nondisclosure form with the university as part of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Opinion-based articles or letters to the editor.
  • Content that may be potentially libelous.
  • Information about an employee's personal life.
  • External full-time positions, student jobs or internship opportunities.
  • Off-campus or unaffiliated university events or campaigns.

The above list does not reflect all possible reasons that would prevent an article from publication. 

If the name of a student who has signed a FERPA agreement with the university is included in an announcement, the student's name will be removed.

Wildcat Weekly editors reserve the right to edit or deny any submissions. Wildcat Weekly adheres to official university style, which is modeled after the Associated Press Stylebook, or AP Style.


Wildcat Weekly is sent to all campus faculty, staff and students via an official Kansas State University email address. 

Wildcat Weekly rarely publishes the same announcements more than once.

Complete published announcements, or partial content, will be not be revised or deleted unless it is determined to include erroneous information.

Editing or publication of all articles is at the ultimate discretion of the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus Communications and Marketing.