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Wireless Networking

Kansas State Polytechnic offers wireless connections for K-State students, faculty, staff and guests.  Read the Wireless Local Area Network Policy governing wireless computing at K-State.

Guest Access

Campus visitors can use the KSU Guest wireless network, which does not require an eID/password. The guest network does not encypt traffic (it's not secure), is restricted to basic web-browsing protocols and does not have access to K-State enterprise systems such as K-State Online, KSIS, HRIS, and FIS.

Student / Staff / Faculty Access

Kansas State Polytechnic offers secure wireless connections for students, faculty and staff using WPA2 Enterprise encryption. Two secure wireless networks are available:

  • KSU Wireless (for all K-Staters)
  • KSU Housing (for students living in on-campus housing)

When connecting to the secure wireless network, you will be prompted for a username and password.  Use your K-State eID/password to log in.  

The first time you connect, you may also be prompted to accept a security certificate.  To accept the certificate and connect to the secure wireless network, click "Connect" or "Continue".  If desired, you can verify that the certificate is valid by checking the following information:

Salina Radius Server Certificate Details
Radius ServerSHA1 Thumbprint/FingerprintRoot CA
sln-radius01.users.campus0D 91 CE 29 EF 53 F2 C5 71 A3 4D 7E ED 60 4E A2 93 BA 92 10AddTrust External CA Root
sln-radius02.users.campus63 27 CC B1 F3 A7 91 72 CA A7 D7 96 5D DB E4 AD 7D 9F F7 D5AddTrust External CA Root

Wireless Locations on the Polytechnic Campus

  • Aero Center
  • Aviation Maintenance Hangar
  • Aero Composites Lab
  • College Center
  • Facilities Building
  • Harbin Hall
  • Schilling Hall
  • Library
  • Technology Assistance Center
  • Technology Center East
  • Technology Center West
  • Tullis
  • UAS Laboratory
  • Student Activity Center
  • Student Life Center
  • Science Center

Wireless is also available at various locations on the Manhattan campus.