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Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation Systems

Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems allow you to connect wirelessly to displays in a number of Polytechnic classrooms. A brief overview of how these devices work can be found on Barco's website. Currently on the Polytechnic campus the ClickShare button is the only way to connect to these systems.  Stay posted as we continue to work on making additional access methods available.

Using the USB presentation button

  1. Plug the button into your computer. The light on the button will blink white.  After several seconds, the button will glow static white and it will mount as a USB storage device (like a thumbdrive).  It will show up as a drive labeled "ClickShare".
  2. Open the ClickShare drive in explorer or finder.  Run the program appropriate for your operating system (e.g. "ClickShare_for_Windows.exe" for Windows and "ClickShare_for_MacOSX.app" for Apple).
  3. After the software has installed, it will search the network for the ClickShare unit that is associated with the button.  You should receive a notification when it is "Ready to share"
  4. Click the button.  The button will change from white to red while you are sharing your screen.

Barco provides a video demonstrating how to use the button.

The Barco ClickShare buttons are paired with each Barco in the room they are located in.  If you take a button to another room it will not work.  Each room has 2 ClickShare buttons and you can share 2 laptops on the screen simultaneously.

For Windows computers Barco provides an "Extension Pack". Installing the extension pack will allow you to skip the step of clicking on the "ClickShare_for_Windows.exe" by automatically running the Barco software for you.  You must, however, install the Barco software using the steps above the first time you use it.

Barco ClickShare Locations on the Polytechnic Campus
  • Technology Center Room 144
  • Technology Center Room 119
  • Technology Center Room 121
  • UAS Building Room 105a