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Temporary Part-Time Instructors

Criminal Background Checks

Must be performed on any new employee who will be employed more than 6 months.  Part-time instructors that receive both a Fall and Spring Semester Contract will need to complete a background check.  Please direct employees to 209 College Center to complete their criminal background check paperwork.  The background check process takes 2-4 days. 

Upon approval of the background check, the employee appointment paperwork can be completed.

For detailed information on criminal background checks, please refer to: https://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/4015.html  

PER-20 Spoken English Competency Assessment

The completion of this assessment is required for all new faculty hires and prospective faculty candidates.  


  • Contract Initiation Form
    • Please fully complete a Contract Initiation for Part-time Instructors and submit to the Dean's Office. If you have an employee that has not taught over 50% FTE in the past, you will need to obtain the dean’s approval and recruit the position being hired through use of PageUp. 
    • If you have a new or returning employee, whether benefit eligible or not, that has not been recruited through PageUp, a PageUp recruitment will also need done.  Please contact Human Resources for assistance.
  • PER-20 Spoken English Competency Assessment
  • FTE Chart