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Sponsored Programs Accounting

The Office of Fiscal Services works in coordination with Manhattan Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) to provide fiscal administration for grants and contracts funded from external sources for the purpose of research and other creative and scholarly activities at K-State.

K-State Salina's sponsored programs contact is:

Monica Curnutt
Accountant II, Office of Fiscal Services
College Center, Suite 209
Phone: 785-826-2962
Email: mjcurnut@k-state.edu

SPA Processes Overview

  1. When a sponsor funds a proposal, PreAward Services (PAS) submits the proposal, budget, budget justification, and any other documentation to Manhattan Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA).

    The PPM chapter on awards is available here

  2. SPA creates the grant accounts and notifies the faculty researcher, known as the Principle Investigator (PI), and the Office of Fiscal Services.

    The PPM chapter on post award procedures is available here

  3. The PI notifies the Office of Fiscal Services when payroll distribution percentages should change to reflect changes in employee effort on the grant.

  4. SPA sends monthly invoices to the sponsor for expenses charged to the grant, including indirect costs.

    The PPM chapter on sponsor invoicing is available here

  5. SPA works in coordination with Fiscal Services to collect quarterly effort reports and cost share reports.

    The PPM chapter on effort reporting is available here, and the PPM chapter on cost share reporting is available here.

  6. The PI may also be obligated by the sponsor to provide them with status reports on the project.

  7. When the grant nears completion, SPA and Fiscal Services will work with the PI to create a list of outstanding obligations and close out the project.

    The PPM chapter on closeout procedures is available here