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To estimate charges for a semester at Kansas State Polytechnic, add the following fees (click to jump to that section for details). Actual charges will be billed to your KSIS student account with the exception of class books and materials, which must be purchased separately. For the complete Kansas State University comprehensive fee schedule, including costs for other campuses, visit the Division of Financial Services Cashiers & Student Accounts.

Tuition & Privilege Fees
Program Fees
Course Fees
Housing & Dining Plan

Class Books & Materials
(purchased on your own)



Tuition & Privilege Fees (Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Summer 2020)

Credit Hours Taken
(per semester)
   Undergraduate      Graduate
Online or Off-CampusResident
Online or Off-Campus

Tuition and Privilege Fees on the Polytechnic campus are charged each semester according to the above schedule, which is based on the student's number of credit hours and the type of tuition. Tuition for on-campus courses is charged at either the resident or non-resident rate, according to the student's residency classification. Click here for the Office of the Registrar's information about residency. Tuition for online or off-campus courses is charged at one rate regardless of residency classification. 

Click 'Rate Details' below to view other tuition types and the individual rates from which this schedule is calculated. Note that the schedule above is based on fall and spring Privilege Fee rates. Summer Privilege Fees are less than during fall or spring so a student's summer enrollment will be less than shown on the above schedule. 

Rate Details

The Tuition & Privilege Fees schedule is calculated using the following rates:

Tuition (per credit hour)ResidentNon-ResidentOnline or


On-Campus Privilege Fees (per credit hour)Fall or SpringSummer
          1st to 5th Credit Hour (each)$36.46$14.01
          6th Credit Hour$182.27$70.02
Total for 6+ Credit Hours$364.57$140.07

 Privilege Fees provide students with services, activities, and supplemental educational opportunities. Click here for more information and a breakdown of fees.

 Program Fees (Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Summer 2020)

 Professional Pilot

RatingEstimated Flight Cost
Commercial I$11,994
Commercial II$8,801
*Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)$4,101*
*Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFI-Inst.)$2,206*
*Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine (CFI-ME)$8,168*

*These ratings are not required to complete your bachelor's degree.

Flight training is required of all students in the flight program. On average, students incur the above flight costs to attain ratings. However, an individual student's total costs will vary with their actual flight hours and aircraft flown. Click here for more information on the Professional Pilot program, or click 'Rate Details' below to view the individual rates from which this estimate is calculated.


Rate Details

Approximate flight costs by rating are based on the following rates.

Rental RatesSoloDual
Aircraft (per hour)  
Beechcraft BE-58 Baron$458$500
Beechcraft F-33A Bonanza$281$323
Cessna 172 R/N Skyhawk$163$205
Cessna 172 R/S Skyhawk Glass Cockpit$163$205
Cessna 150$118$160
Tail Wheel Aircraft$178$220
Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD) (per hour)  
CRJ-700 Advanced Aviation Training Device$244$286
Single and Multi-Engine Advanced Aviation Training Devices$45$87
Other EventsFee
One-on-One Ground Instruction (per hour)$42
No Show for Scheduled Flight or Ground School (per hour)$42
Fuel Surcharge (may be assessed when fuel costs exceed projected rate)varies
Exams (per exam) 
Final progress check$259
FAA Computer-Based Exam$155
FCC Computer-Based Exam (up to 3 can be taken per day at a 50% reduced rate for 2nd and 3rd exams)$60
No Show for Scheduled Examination$30
Introductory Discovery Flight (approximately 25 minutes) (per flight)$99


Course Fees (Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Summer 2020)

The Course Fees listed here are charged to KSIS when enrolled in the following on-campus courses. For online and off-campus courses, Course Fees are listed in the Global Campus Class Search


(per course)
Additional Information

Aviation Maintenance 

AVM 101Lab$45 
AVM 102Lab$20 
AVM 111Lab$30 
AVM 112Lab$45 
AVM 201Lab$35 
AVM 203Lab$20 
AVM 205Lab$20 
AVM 207Lab$45 
AVM 214Lab$20 
AVM 216Lab$20 
AVM 241Lab$20 
AVM 301Lab$45 
AVM 303Lab$20 
AVM 304Lab$20 
AVM 305Lab$20 
AVM 306Lab$20 
AVM 322Lab$45 
AVM 332Lab$45 
AVM 342Lab$20 
AVM 370Lab$20 
AVM 402Lab$20 
AVT 315Lab$20 
AVT 317Lab$20 
AVT 318Lab$20 
AVT 327Lab$20 
AVT 429Lab$20 
AVT 440Lab$40 

Professional Pilot

PPIL 113Software$113+$160 testing fee to be paid at time of test
PPIL 114Software$90+$160 testing fee to be paid at time of test
PPIL 212Software$147+$160 testing fee to be paid at time of test
PPIL 215Software$6 
PPIL 219Lab$2,5758 hours of flight instruction included
PPIL 263Software$23 
PPIL 290Software$23 
PPIL 295Software$23 
PPIL 314Software$90 
PPIL 325Software$450 
PPIL 385Software$34 
PPIL 387Lab$1,250 
PPIL 389Software$23 
PPIL 396Software$23 
PPIL 416Lab$1,250 
PPIL 483Software$45 
PPIL 493Software$45 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAS 115Lab$4137 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 270Software$80 
UAS 272Exam$100 
UAS 275Lab$100 
UAS 300Lab$45 
UAS 314Lab$3405 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 357Lab$28010 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 367Lab$65510 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 370Lab$275 
UAS 373Lab$275 
UAS 417Lab$365 
UAS 461Lab$53010 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 463Lab$275 
UAS 465Lab$275 
UAS 470Lab$1,14410 hours dual flight instruction included*
UAS 474Lab$150 
UAS 475Lab$150 

*Students utilizing more than the included dual flight instruction will be charged $18 per additional hour.


Courses enrolled through Professional Education & Outreach that are taught on the Polytechnic Campus are assessed at on-campus Tuition & Privilege Fee rates plus the following administration fee.

Professional Education & Outreach (per credit hour)Fee
On-Campus Course$12


Housing & Dining (Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Summer 2020)

Contracts are written for one-year terms that are split into two semester billings according to the following schedule. Students may lock in their starting Housing & Dining rates for a maximum of five years if fall contracts are turned in no later than May 1 at midnight each year. 

Fall or Spring (per semester)14 Meals/Week19 Meals/Week5 Meals/Week
Double Occupancy Room$3,487$3,728n/a
Single Occupancy Room$5,510$5,751n/a
Off-Campus Student Meal-Only Plann/an/a$449

To live on-campus, students reserve a space by applying for housing, after which a contract will be issued. The following nonrefundable fees are charged at the time of submitting each application and contract document. Click here for more information on campus living, or click 'Total Contract & Summer Rates' below to view annualized contract and summer Housing & Dining rates.

Application Fee$35
Contract Fee$75


Total Contract & Summer Rates

Contracts are written for one-year terms that are split into two semester billings. The sum of both semester billings plus the application fee and contract fee are totaled below.

Fall & Spring (per contract)Weekly Meal Plan, Application Fee & Contract Fee
14 Meals19 Meals
Double Occupancy Room$6,974$7,456
Single Occupancy Room$11,020$11,502


During the summer semester, students may purchase Housing & Dining plans on a daily or weekly basis according to the following schedule.

Summer (per semester)10 Meals    15 Meals
Per DayPer WeekPer DayPer Week
Double Occupancy Room$39$244$44$271
Single Occupancy Room$64$419$69$446


Class Books & Materials (purchased on your own)

Most classes require books or other materials, such as flight uniforms, online subscriptions, etc. Students make these purchases on their own, so these items are not be billed through KSIS. The K-State Campus Store conveniently offers many of these materials; however, students are free to choose any retailer so costs will vary for each individual. Please refer to your classes' syllabi for information on these requirements.