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About Facilities


Facilities is dedicated to providing professional services that create and sustain buildings, improvements, and infrastructure to meet Polytechnic's evolving needs and competes with benchmark institutions. One fundamental aim is to be an asset to recruit and retain quality students, faculty, researchers and staff. To that end, we strive to place our client's needs central in all we do.


The Director of Facilities is responsible for all activities involving maintenance, improvements, repairs, and remodeling to buildings, campus grounds, parking lots, sidewalks, streets, and utilities, whether the work is done by Facilities personnel, contract, or by an agency regardless of the source of funding. Acting within the policies and procedures of Kansas State University, the Kansas State Polytechnic Director of Facilities maintains accountability to Director of Fiscal Services and The CEO/Dean for all policies and procedures followed at the Polytechnic Campus.

Facilities is organized by 4 primary service centers:

CSClient Services is the primary portal to Facilities staff and resources. In addition to reserving rooms and transportation, all students, staff, faculty, and users at K-State Polytechnic can contact Client Services (via our Help Desk) for assistance on any facilities-related issue including:
AdministrationAdministration: The formal tracking and reporting of facilities assets at all levels including buildings, furniture, vehicles, equipment, financials, utilities, procurement contracts and site improvements. Utilities, Contracts as well as Environment, Health and Safety concerns.  In coordination with the entire Facilities Department.
maintenceMaintenance & Repair: Routine maintenance of major facility systems and/or equipment. As well as repair to damaged, broken, or missing facility elements (including interior/exterior finishes, doors and windows, systems such as lighting and power), and grounds features such as parking and sidewalks.
planningPlanning & Programming of major alterations to buildings and grounds. This includes development and procurement of major alterations, new buildings, landscaping, and infrastructure. To request "alterations" to Campus buildings and grounds contact the Planning & Programming Team.