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Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus
2310 Centennial Rd.
Salina, KS 67401

Mr. Samuel Kleinbeck
(520) 220-7339

Civic Luncheon Lecture 

  • Our Civic Luncheon Lecture events focus on current issues and topics of relevance to students, faculty, staff and the Salina community. We start at noon and end at 1 pm with questions and answers prior to ending.
  • Everyone from K-State Polytechnic and the Salina community region is invited to attend.
  • Parking is free in parking lots located north of the College Center where the event is held. Enter from the Centennial Avenue gated entrance.
  • For those wanting lunch, the Polytechnic Campus Cafe opens at 11 a.m. with cafeteria meals for $6.16, or you can order a sandwich, salad or soup. Try to arrive early so you have time to finish your meal and get into the Conference room for the talk a few minutes before noon.
  • Arriving at least 5 minutes early will help avoid registration delays to the lecture.
  • If your organization or business wants to co-sponsor a future Civic Luncheon Lecture, please contact Greg Stephens at gregs@k-state.edu or call 785-819-6887.

Future dates and topics:

  • March 8, 2018: "Immigration in Kansas Today," Matthew Sanderson, associate professor of sociology, Kansas State University
  • April 12, 2018: "How Bitcoin, Blockchain and Other Cryptocurrencies are Changing the World," Randall Nichols, associate professor of practice, K-State Polytechnic