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Writing Center

Tutoring for writing projects is available in the KSU Polytechnic Writing Center, in Room 102 of the Technology Center. The Writing Center promotes Kansas State University's Principles of Community and Student Learning Outcomes by providing an inclusive environment which nurtures independent writing skills, emphasizes writing process and encourages individual progress. Tutors will assist with global writing goals as well as style and delivery customized for individual assignments. Bring assignment guidelines and assessment rubrics for determining focus and purpose, development, and organization.

To schedule a Writing Center Tutoring session:

  • Visit: https://k-state.mywconline.net
  • If you're a first-time visitor, use your ksu.edu email address to be recognized by the system.
  • Log in with your registered email address and password. Make sure the correct calendar (Peer Tutoring or Writing Center) is selected.
  • Select the course for which you require tutoring, if applicable.
  • Navigate to the date/time slot needed.
  • Click an open slot next to the name of the available tutor(s) - these cells appear in white.
  • Fill out and submit the electronic form provided.
  • If you have trouble scheduling an appointment, please email Lead Tutor Raph Gutierrez at rguti7289@k-state.edu.

What happens after your Writing Center Tutoring session:

  • Within the same day as your appointment, you will receive a Client Report Form
  • Look over your report form for constructive criticism and use it to improve your paper and writing skills!
  • Print out the form and include it with your paper if your professor requires it.
  • Feedback goes both ways: you will be emailed a Tutor Assessment Form along with your Client Report Form. Use this to tell us how we did and what we can do to improve our tutoring. Feedback is optional but greatly appreciated! 


The Polytechnic campus community now has access to grammarly.com/edu, which provides language mechanics and style analysis for writing and editing. We recommend that all Polytechnic students sign up for individual accounts, and use this tool to review and revise written work before submission for grading.

To set up a new account at Grammarly.com/edu:

  1. Navigate to grammarly.com/edu
  2. Click "Join Your Organization" in the upper right corner
  3. You'll be prompted for the following:
    • Name
    • Email address (use your ksu.edu email address)
    • Password (for security purposes, do not use your eID password; create something unique for Grammarly.com/edu)
  4. Grammarly.com/edu will send you an email (check your clutter/junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox).
  5. Click "Verify email" to verify your email address.
  6. You will be asked to log in if you are not already logged in.
  7. You will be redirected to the Apply Access Code page where you will need to enter the Polytechnic access code: oMqxGqxEGBFDQwEF (This code must not be shared with non-Polytechnic users, as a limited number of accounts are available).

To upgrade an existing account:

  • Go to grammarly.com/edu
  • Sign in with your existing account information
  • Proceed to step 7 above

Using Grammarly.com/edu:

  • Sign in with the account information you created.
  • If using a public computer, please sign out of Grammarly.com/edu before leaving the computer.

If you have trouble registering or need additional help, please contact:

Katherine Jones, Peer Tutoring - kathjones@k-state.edu
Kaleen Knopp, Writing Center - kknopp@k-state.edu

Academic Advising Center: 785-826-2674
Student Support Services: 785-826-2969
Writing Center: 785-826-2621

Hours of Operation: 

Please see WCONLINE for tutor schedule.

Suggestions or Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Writing Center, click HERE.