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Mission Statement

The Kansas State Polytechnic Writing Center promotes Kansas State University's Principles of Community and Student Learning Outcomes by providing an inclusive environment which nurtures independent writing skills, emphasizes writing process, and encourages individual progress.

In order to get the most out of your tutoring session, you must take an active role:

  • Bring your assignment and your latest draft. Try to come in several days before your paper is due. Waiting until the last minute will limit your revision time.
  • Come prepared with questions and ideas.
  • Plan to spend 15 to 30 minutes with the tutor. Tutors help with writing skills only, so focus on writing-related problems. After your tutoring session, you may stay in the Writing Center and work on your own.
  • You should take detailed notes during your tutoring session, noting any repeated errors. As you revise your paper, work to eliminate these errors.
  • If you need additional help with grammar or punctuation, ask about helpful handouts and software available.

During your tutoring session, you can expect the following from the tutors:

  • Using various Writing Center resources, tutors can help you discover the answers to your specific writing questions.
  • Keeping the Hierarchy of Concerns in mind, tutors will ask questions and offer suggestions to help the student improve his/her writing.
  • Although tutors can give constructive feedback on organizational and developmental problems in your writing, they cannot evaluate your paper. Only your teacher can grade your paper.

What the Writing Center is Not

  • A Writing Center is not a Computer Lab.
  • Writing Center faculty and staff will not edit, proofread, or write for students.

Defining a Writing Center

A Writing Center is a free student and faculty support center available to assist writers with reviewing, revising, and improving their writing. Students may request feedback on drafts prepared for course assignments. Faculty and tutors will read essays for organization and development of ideas. Students who need work on proofreading skills will be referred to a variety of educational resources designed to help them improve their own skills. A variety of handouts, resource books, workshops, and online resources will be available for student review.

The Writing Center's Proofreading Policy

Because the Writing Center emphasizes the process of writing, not the product, tutors do not proofread. Tutors will not produce an error-free paper for you. You are the writer, and proofreading is your responsibility.

We want you to become an effective, independent writer. By working hard and taking advantage of all the Writing Center resources (books, handouts, software, sample papers, as well as tutoring sessions), you can improve your college level writing abilities.