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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring provides assistance to students outside the classroom in courses where students typically experience difficulty - these include courses in math, science, business and more. The Peer Tutoring Center is located in the library in the Technology Center building.

Our peer tutors have successfully mastered the course material and come highly recommended by faculty. Peer tutoring is free to all currently enrolled K-State students and is available for several undergraduate courses. 

Interested in becoming a tutor for the Peer Tutoring Center? Contact kathjones@k-state.edu for more information.

List of courses tutored for fall 2018: 

CHM 110 - General Chemistry
CHM 210 - Chemistry 1
PHYS 113 - General Physics 1

MATH 010 - Inter. Algebra
MATH 100 – College Algebra
MATH 150 - Plane Trig.
MATH 205 - Gen. Calc. & Linear Algebra
MATH 220 - Analytic Geometry & Calc. I
MATH 221 - Analytic Geometry & Calc. II

ECON 110 - Principles of Macro.
STAT 325 - Statistics

And more!

We are always willing to try and find a tutor for any courses that you need!
Please contact Katherine Jones to request help or if you have any questions/concerns.

Writing Center

Tutoring for writing and English courses is available in the Writing Center, located in 102 Technology Center. Visit the Writing Center's website to see a full list of services.

To schedule a tutoring session:

  • Visit: https://k-state.mywconline.net/
  • If you're a first-time visitor, register your account. You must use your K-State email address to be recognized by the system.
  • Log in with your registered email address and password. Make sure the correct calendar (Peer Tutoring or Writing Center) is selected!
  • Select the course in which you require tutoring, if applicable.
  • Navigate to the date and time slot needed.
  • Click an open slot next to the name of the available tutor(s) - these cells appear in white.
  • Fill out and submit the electronic form provided.

MyWCOnline Tutorial - Click Here for Help 

If you have trouble registering and making an appointment or need additional help, please contact:

Katherine Jones, Peer Tutoring - kathjones@k-state.edu
Kaleen Knopp, Writing Center - kknopp@k-state.edu

Academic Advising Center: 785-826-2674
Student Support Services: 785-826-2969
Writing Center: 785-826-2621