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Academic Advising

Kansas State University is committed to providing effective advising services to students as an essential component of their educational experience. Academic Advisors assists students with academic planning, course selection, review of curriculum requirements, academic policies/procedures, and major exploration. Advisors can also help connect students with campus resources in support of their academic and career goals.

Each student at Kansas State Polytechnic is assigned an academic advisor. Establishing a strong working relationship with your academic advisor is one of the best things you can do to promote success in your university experience and education. Students are responsible for initiating advising contact and preparing for advising sessions.

Mission Statement
Academic Advising provides services to students and faculty designed to guide students in identifying personal values, abilities, and interests and applying them toward their goals while promoting life-long learning.

Advising Syllabus

The information in this syllabus is designed to help you get the most out of your advising relationship. It is intended to facilitate and supplement the academic advising provided by your academic advisor.  You are encouraged to use the information presented to explore your program of study, the courses, and the university experiences that will best prepare you to meet your personal and professional goals.

→ Download the Kansas State University Academic Advising Syllabus (PDF)