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Academic Resources

K-State Polytechnic’s mission is to provide students with hands-on learning, creating an atmosphere where concepts and theories can come to life. The campus offers multiple academic resources that assist students in their experiential learning and overall campus experience.

Educational Resources

Before their journey as a Wildcat begins, students are personally connected with an academic advisor who creates a developmental advising plan for the next four years. Advisors guide students through degree option exploration and then course selection and curriculum requirements. Advisors help with the understanding of academic policies and procedures and work with students on their personal and professional interests, encouraging involvement in relevant clubs, career fairs and internships. As a student nears graduation, advisors support their transition into the work world by connecting Wildcats with the campus career center and helping with resumes and the interview process.

During their time on the Polytechnic Campus, students will take on average 120 credit hours. It's important to Kansas State Polytechnic that students feel supported when they need extra assistance in one of their classes. Free peer tutoring is available for all enrolled students and is offered for several undergraduate courses. If students need help composing a research paper or cover letter, the Writing Center provides tutors who nurture independent writing skills and encourage individual progress. With its collection of close to 20,000 books, the campus library is a rich resource for exploration, examination, and educational advancement. The library staff is eager to help young minds flourish with guidance on research papers and selecting proper reading materials. The library also provides technology assets, a quiet place to study and respite between classes.

Another resource Kansas State Polytechnic offers is a safe place for students to take special exams. The Testing Center provides services for proctored exams, make-up exams, FAA knowledge exams, CLEP exams, and course quiz-out exams. The Testing Center ensures confidentiality of any personal information shared or provided to the center's staff as well as the security of test materials and equipment.

Study Abroad

To supplement a student's degree of study, Kansas State Polytechnic provides opportunities to grow culturally, to learn new points of view, and to explore communities different from their own. Every spring, faculty from the campus lead a week-long study abroad trip where enrolled students experience a country's history, traditions, tourism methods, marketing practices, and native language. There are additional opportunities to study abroad through the Manhattan campus and other course options.

K-State Book Network

First-year students are given an academic resource that also helps them grow socially. The K-State Book Network, or KSBN, is a program that assigns new Wildcats a popular or culturally-relevant book to read, encouraging them to bond over a common experience and start a conversation inside or outside of the classroom. 

Registrar and Policies

In addition to resources and programs, students should be aware of the campus’s academic policies, such as dropping or adding a class, retaking courses, and academic warnings. These policies have been put in place to guide students as they navigate their educational experience and to ensure their collegiate success. The registrar is available for additional academic requests such as reinstatement and transcript requests.