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K-State Polytechnic
Professional Education and Outreach
2310 Centennial Road
Outreach Center
Salina, KS 67401

785-826-2633 phone
785-826-2632 fax

Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Enrollment Form 

  • Complete and return this Enrollment Form.
  • Please make sure to provide email addresses and a phone number that are checked regularly.

Step 2: Application

  • Please do NOT fill out the general K-State application to take pre-college courses.
  • Wait for an email containing application information from the program coordinator, Jordan Funk. This email will contain a special web application link as well as directions on how to fill in some of the required fields.

Step 3: ACT/Placement Scores

  • Certain math courses require placement scores to enroll. These courses and the requirements are listed on our placement page. The student will have to provide their ACT transcript or take the K-State math placement exam in order to qualify.

Step 4: Account Holds

  • If a student has any holds on their account, they will have to resolve them before their enrollment can be processed. 
  • Returning students will often have an ASP hold on their account if they didn't complete the required training Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention training. Students will need to complete this required training to remove the hold.
  • If a student has an outstanding balance, they will have a C11 hold on their account. The account balance will need to be paid in full before any future enrollment can occur.

Step 5: Official Enrollment

  • The program coordinator, Jordan Funk, will enroll you in your courses and send you an email confirmation of this.

Step 6: Textbooks

  • If your course has a required textbook or other materials, you will be required to purchase them.
  • Use these Textbook directions to determine if a textbook is required for your courses.

Step 7: Parking Permit (on-campus students only)

  • If you will be parking a vehicle on campus, please visit our K-State Polytechnic Parking Services website to acquire your parking permit and to learn about our parking regulations. Permits are free but we do ask that students display them in their vehicles.