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Becky L. DeGreeff

Assistant Professor of Communication
Arts, Sciences, & Business Department
Graduate Faculty

111 Tullis, Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus


Ph.D. Communication Studies. North Dakota State University

M.S. Communication. South Dakota State University

B.S. Public Relations. Southwest Minnesota State University

Expert in:

Public Speaking, Family Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, Business/Organizational Communication.

Research & Teaching Areas:

Interpersonal and Family Communication, Work-Life Balance, Women in the Workplace

Public Speaking, Business and Professional Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications/Presentations:

DeGreeff, B. L. (2012, November). A stepparent is…: An exploration of the construction and maintenance of the stepparent role, National Communication Association, Orlando, FL.

Burnett, A., DeGreeff, B. L., & DiTunnariello, N. (2014, April). Managing the monster of time: How women talk about that beast. Central States Communication Association, Minneapolis, MN.

DeGreeff, B. L., DiTunnariello, N., & Burnett, A. (2013, April). “I’m on a Rollercoaster”: A Social Construction of Women and Time. Central States Communication Association, Kansas City, MO.

DeGreeff, B. L. (2011, April). An Exploration of the Communication Influencing Perceptions of Role Expectations of Stepgrandparents. Central States Communication Association, Madison, WI.

DeGreeff, B. L., Burnett, A., & Cooley, D. (2009). Communicating and philosophizing about authenticity or inauthenticity in a fast-paced world. Journal of Happiness Studies, 11, 395-408.

DeGreeff, B. L., & Burnett, A. (2009). Weekend warriors: Autonomy-connection and openness-closedness in nonresidential stepfamilies. The Qualitative Report, 14, 604-628. 

Brief Biography

Dr. DeGreeff joined the faculty of Kansas State University in 2012. She is the current chair of the Multicultural Connection Committee and serves on the Bachelor Degree Completion Program Advisory committee. She has served as a reviewer for Central States Communication Association, National Communication Association, Journal of Family Communication, and Iowa Journal of Communication. Dr. DeGreeff is a fellow of the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. Dr. DeGreeff has also received a Tilford Incentive Grant, a Summer Research Grant, and the Peer Review of Teaching grant.

Curriculum Vitae