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UAS Careers

According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), there will be 70,000 new jobs will be created in the next three years. Approximately half of them will be in manufacturing and design. By 2025, approximately 100,000 jobs will have been created and the industry will be worth $82 billion. About 80 percent of the UAS business is expected to be associated with agriculture.

Agriculture applicants include

  • soil moisture measurements,
  • crop health and disease monitoring,
  • precision agriculture applications,
  • weed identification and control,
  • cloud seeding,
  • frost damage mitigation, and
  • pesticide, herbicide, and nutrient applications.

Possible industrial applications include

  • pipeline and power line patrols,
  • tower and structure inspections,
  • industrial and nuclear accident monitory, and
  • railroad track inspections.

Currently, many of our graduates work for military contractors; these jobs are extremely lucrative.




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