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Technology Education

Teach the next generation of technology trailblazers when you earn a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a technology education endorsement at Kansas State Polytechnic.

In collaboration with K-State’s College of Education, this technology education degree option is designed to serve individuals interested in instructing technology at the high school level. Currently, there is a nationwide initiative to prepare more people to become STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math, educators, and this degree helps you make a contribution to that need.

Enrolled students study a combination of technology content focused in mechanical, electronic and computer systems curriculum. Many of the courses – which cover topics such as basic electronics, computing principles, hardware and software fundamentals, machine design and manufacturing methods – include lab time and project-based assignments, so students have a better understanding of the material and can use hands-on demonstrations in their own classrooms.

The secondary education pedagogy is taught through video conferencing by professors from the College of Education. Students get the opportunity to create and implement technology education lessons while teaching at a local high school for one semester. An official licensure will be earned upon completion of the bachelor’s degree and passing of the state Praxis test.

Technology Education (PDF)