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Career Options

Social work is a dynamic and challenging profession with a vast array of career options and opportunities for deep personal satisfaction. Professional social workers are experts who help people obtain the resources they need to live with dignity. At the same time, social workers are committed to making society more responsive to people's needs.

Social workers practice in a variety of settings. In fact, wherever there are people, there are social workers. They are in hospitals, working from the obstetrics unit to the intensive care unit. They are in schools, helping children, teachers and parents cope with problems. They are in mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals and public agencies, from the employment office to the public welfare department.

Each private family service agency has social workers helping with everything from counseling to finding housing or transportation. Social workers are deeply involved in child welfare, providing essential foster care and adoption services. They are increasingly visible in the workplace, helping employees solve personal problems and employers resolve personnel problems.

There are social workers in universities, teaching and doing research. They are in nursing homes, the armed services and in private practice. Social workers in all these settings are seeing problems, understanding needs, developing relationships, helping people build their own lives and assisting communities in creating and delivering the services and support many need.