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K-State Polytechnic is proud to provide professional pilot students with multiple opportunities for a pathway from college to career.

Mesa Airlines K-State Polytechnic is partnered with Mesa Air Group to offer students a defined career path from the classroom to the flight levels. Mesa will offer financial assistance to students earning their CFI as well as provide a signing bonus upon employment with Mesa and reaching 1,000 flight hours.
PSAKansas State Polytechnic is a partner with PSA Airlines in its Pilot Cadet Program, which offers students the opportunity to interview for a first officer position with the regional carrier after earning a private pilot certificate. The program also provides financial assistance, mentorship and a direct flow to American Airlines — the world's largest — once pilots are ready to transition into their career.
 Piedmont AirlinesK-State Polytechnic is a partner in Piedmont Airlines' cadet program. Piedmont offers tuition reimbursement and employment opportunities to select students who have earned their CFI rating. The program provides additional incentives for every 100 hours achieved after completing an initial 500 hours of flight time. Piedmont Airlines also offers a transition opportunity to American Airlines.
 Republic Airlines logoKansas State Polytechnic is a partner in Republic Airline's Aviation Career Pipeline Interview Program, designed to give future pilots a defined path from college to career. The program provides flight students an opportunity to interview for a first officer position with the Midwest-based regional carrier after earning their instrument certificate. Upon a successful interview, students receive a conditional job offer that is preserved as they continue to build the required flight hours and complete their degree.