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Program Mission

The mission of the K-State Polytechnic Professional Pilot Program is to provide future aviation leaders a quality aviation education to prepare them for careers as aviation professionals.

Educational Philosophy

The program follows a holistic approach to preparing our students for careers as aviation professionals. In order to be good leaders in our profession, graduates must be well-rounded individuals who are team players.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to produce highly educated and skilled graduates who are prepared to immediately succeed in higher education, air carrier, corporate, military or instructional environments.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to provide students learning-centered experiences in an environment which will stimulate excellence and foster in them a commitment to discovery and life-long learning.

Program Intent

The intent of the program is to produce graduates who:

  • Possess the technical, interpersonal skills and appropriate flight ratings as described to us by our external constituencies.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards.
  • Instill in graduates an exceptional safety culture.
  • Will work effectively as members of a team.
  • Possess the problem solving and critical thinking skills that will allow them to employ new technologies.
  • Will be leaders of the aviation community

Educational Objectives

Professional Pilot Graduates two to five years after graduation should successfully:

  • Apply their technical and interpersonal skills in air carrier, corporate, military or educational positions.
  • Demonstrate their ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Work effectively as team members.
  • Continue to develop professionally and seek positions of increased responsibility.
  • Demonstrate a professional work ethic and exceed industry standards in flight proficiency.

Program Learning Objectives

Professional Pilot program graduates should

1. Demonstrate the ability to work on diverse multidisciplinary teams. 

2. Demonstrate a global perspective on sustainable aviation business practices. 

3. Choose ethical courses of action within the operational environment.

4. Demonstrate a lifelong commitment to personal excellence through service and continuing education. 

5. Appraise unsafe operational conditions within the aviation environment. 

6. Communicate effectively, using both written and oral communication skills.

7. Creatively solve technical problems related to the aviation workplace using math and science.