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Discovery Flight

Interested in our professional pilot degree option?

Schedule your discovery flight today and take to the skies with K-State Polytechnic!

The discovery flight allows prospective K-State Polytechnic aviators to experience a private pilot flight lesson - the best way to start your journey!

  • Once your aircraft is prepared, inspected and all systems go, you're ready for takeoff with your FAA Certified Flight Instructor.
  • Each flight starts with a pre-flight ground instruction flying lesson and finishes with a debriefing.
  • Each discovery flight lesson is 60 minutes from start to finish, including 30 minutes of flight time, and costs only $99.

The discovery flight is truly an unforgettable experience as you begin your aviation journey with us! Schedule yours today by calling 785-826-2640 or emailing polytechnic@k-state.edu.