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Students at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus have the option of completing a course which teaches them the right way to handle extreme conditions in an upset recovery course. This course uses a fully capable aerobatic certified American Champion Super Decathlon.

The Decathlon is the perfect aircraft to learn how to recover from extreme unusual attitudes, spins, and even learn how to land a tailwheel airplane. The upset recovery course will also include some basic aerobatics. This is specialized training that you will happy to have, but hopefully will never need to use.


Maximum speed at sea level155 mph
Cruise, 75% power147 mph
Stall speed53 mph


Loading+6, -5 Gs
Endurance (time)4.4 hours
Service ceiling15,800 feet


Weights and loads 
Maximum ramp weight1,800 pounds
Useful load460 pounds


Usable fuel39 gallons


Engine and propellor 
EngineLycoming 180 horsepower