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Academic Curriculum

This page is intended to contain resources and information that will assist students completing the HDFS undergraduate degree. As students progress through their degree, they will want to refer to this page for a copy of their degree sheet, information on the student portfolio and a wealth of additional material that will prove beneficial as they continually create and modify their individual academic plan.

Internship vs Area of Concentration

All HDFS students will have to decide before their senior year if they are going to pursue an internship or area of concentration. Each path will be worth 12 hours of academic credit. There is not one clear-cut choice and students will want to consider the benefits of each option in regards to their own academic and career goals.

Minors, Certificates and Secondary Majors

Students interested in adding a minor, certificate or secondary major will love the flexibility within the HDFS degree to do so, often without adding additional hours to their academic plan. 

Some of the most commonly added minors, certificates or secondary majors include, but are certainly not limited to:

Human Development and Family Science Degree (pdf)