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Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus
2310 Centennial Rd.
Salina, KS 67401

Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology

K-State Polytechnic's electronics and computer engineering technology program provides students with a research lab atmosphere, emphasizing both the theory and application of electronic circuits, instrumentation and computing systems. Learn about circuit theory, semiconductor applications, digital systems, microprocessor programming and interfacing for an extensive career within electronic products and systems.

Why our program?

Electronics and computer engineering technology gives you the tools to go into any field and any career and leave your mark. From circuit theory to radio frequency communication to microprocessors and more, you'll learn it all at K-State Polytechnic.

Each of your classes has a lab, ensuring you are learning electrical engineering material in our innovative, polytechnic, hands-on style. You'll create your own circuit boards and power systems, and program your own processor to develop a fully functioning digital system. You'll also gain practical hands-on experience in circuit analysis, digital electronics, microprocessor programming and interfacing, computer programming, and radio frequency communication circuits and systems.

Your projects are innovative, working with hardware like the raspberry pi, a small low-cost computer, to collect sensor data and control lights, motors, and more. The skills you'll develop in your labs are transferrable to endless areas: build music visualizers, semi-autonomous robots, battery monitoring systems for unmanned aircraft – your possibilities are limitless!

Electrical engineers need to be able to think outside the box and work across various workgroups and specialty areas. You need to be able to design, build, test, troubleshoot and implement projects and technologies. At K-State Polytechnic, you'll learn the foundations for these skills, and you'll continue to expand these skills through your lab work and projects. You'll also work together with other engineering students to produce a project you've designed – further developing collaborative skills highly desired by industry.

Why K-State Polytechnic?

Throughout our electronic and computer engineering technology program, you're guided by our expert faculty. Our faculty have many combined years of industry experience, so they know the actual skills employers want – and they have the connections to help you build your network. Our faculty are focused on you and your success.

K-State Polytechnic is centered around the student experience emphasizing innovative learning, real-world experiences and industry connections. Our student to faculty ratio is 14:1 – meaning our faculty are focused on each individual student. We are a tight-knit family with a small college feel and the resources of a Big 12 university.

Electronics are in everything – if you're ready to transform the toys you played with as a child into innovative, technological solutions for a digital age, K-State Polytechnic is the place for you.

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