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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a technology major to get a degree in applied business and technology (formerly technology management)?

No. The applied business and technology degree can be used with ANY core area of study. Students have had areas in emphasis in everything from art to bakery science to history.

Where do I take classes? Can I earn this degree online?

Courses in applied business and technology can be taken online or in the classroom. All of the required classes for this course can be completed online and depending on your core area of studies the entire degree could be completed anywhere.

Is this degree for me? Who is best suited to complete the applied business and technology degree program?

The applied business and technology degree is best suited for students who have a specific passion but want to also develop the business and management skills. Because students are able to select their core area of study and partner that education while developing skills that will make them successful in the work place. For instance, a student who is passionate about photography could sharpen their photography skills as well as develop a background in business and management that would allow them to run their own studio after graduation.

What type of career options does an applied business and technology degree provide for my future?

Students with a degree in applied business and technology will be able to successfully enter the work place in the field they are most passionate about with skills that set them apart from others in their selected field. Students have gone on to take positions such as product developers, procurement agents, sales representatives, analysts, environmental technicians, as well as own their own businesses in fields they are passionate about.