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Writing Center


The Polytechnic Writing Center does not offer tutoring services during finals week or over the summer; we look forward to serving your writing needs when we re-open for the Fall 2018 semester in August.

Tutoring for writing and English courses is available in the Writing Center, located in Room 102 of the Technology Center.

To schedule a Writing Center Tutoring session:

  • Visit: https://k-state.campus.eab.com
  • Login with your eID and password
  • In the "Student Home," click the blue "Get Tutoring" button on the right hand side
  • Under "Select a Student Service," select "Salina Open Tutoring."
  • Under "What location do you prefer?" select "Polytechnic Writing Center."
  • Select an open time slot.
  • Click "+ Comment" to add any details about the help you need. (E.g., what assignment, etc.)
  • Select if you want e-mail or text reminders or both.
  • Click "submit."
  • If you have trouble scheduling an appointment, please email Head Tutor Jacob Rose at rose6269600@ksu.edu.

What happens after your Writing Center Tutoring session:

  • Within the same day as your appointment, you will receive a Client Report Form (click HERE for an example)
  • Look over your report form for constructive criticism and use it to improve your paper and writing skills!
  • Print out the form and include it with your paper if your professor requires it.
  • Feedback goes both ways: you will be emailed a Tutor Assessment Form along with your Client Report Form. Use this to tell us how we did and what we can do to improve our tutoring. Feedback is optional but greatly appreciated! 

If you have trouble registering or need additional help, please contact:

Katherine Jones, Peer Tutoring - kathjones@ksu.edu
Kaleen Knopp, Writing Center - kknopp@ksu.edu

Academic Advising Center: 785-826-2674
Student Support Services: 785-826-2969
Writing Center: 785-826-2621

Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Suggestions or Feedback:

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Writing Center, click HERE.