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Kansas State Polytechnic

Student Veterans Association


“Our mission is to aid military members, veterans, and members transition from the military to civilian life as a student, help them through school, make sure they graduate, and assist in finding a job upon graduation."




TomTom L. Harmon
Service: U.S. Army
Email: tlh4664@ksu.edu

JoshJosh Fisher 
Vice- President
Service: U.S. Army 
Email: josh67401@ksu.edu   

ErinErin Mahoney
Service: U.S. Marine Corp
Email: emahoney@ksu.edu 
 JonathanJonathan Fry 
 Service: U.S. Marine Corp 
 Email: jafry@ksu.edu 
 JimmyJimmy Splichal 
 Service: U.S. Army 
 Email: splichal@ksu.edu 
 GunnerDavid "Gunner" Wiles 
 VA Rep
 Service: U.S. Marine Corp 
 Email: gunnerw@ksu.edu
SarahSarah Byarlay  
VA Rep 
Service: U.S. Navy 
Email: sarahbyarlay@gmail.com