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Kansas State Polytechnic


Need to talk to someone?

Kansas State Polytechnic students may contact one of the following staff members:

  • Jess Simpson, Student Support Services, College Center 208, 826-2645
  • Sarah Werner, Academic and Student Services, College Center 208, 826-2984
  • Alysia Starkey, Academic and Student Services, College Center 202, 826-2616

One of the above designated staff members will visit with you and determine if a referral is needed for professional counseling. Professional counseling is provided by Veridian Behavioral Health in Salina.

Veridian Behavioral Health, a multi-disciplinary center, offers dedicated quality mental health care. Veridian is part of the behavioral health department of Salina Regional Health Center. As part of the SRHC, Veridian offers a full continuum of care for Central Kansas.

Many of Veridian's services are geared toward individuals and families who are struggling with common life problems such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, parent-child conflicts, or grief and loss. The services are provided in a convenient and comfortable, private office setting.

Students referred to Veridian will have up to two sessions paid for by the college. Additional sessions will require student insurance information be provided and any balances will be charged on a sliding scale, based on income.

Life-threating emergency

Call 911. Most people associate 911 with medical emergencies. However, 911 will also assist with emergencies such as someone seriously considering suicide. Additionally, if the emergency occurs on campus, you may contact Campus Security at 826-2952 for support.

Concerns about another person?

If you have concerns about a student, faculty, or staff member in the Kansas State Polytechnic community, contact one of the staff members listed above or submit a Student of Concern form online.