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Kansas State Polytechnic

Career and Employment Services

Kansas State Polytechnic offers career advising, job search training, employer connections, job listings online, and other employment resources now with no registration fee. Activate your CES account, use these services, and plan for your career early! 
Activate or update your account in less than 10 minutes.

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Benefits of My CES Account

  • Search for jobs/internships and have updates automatically emailed to you once per day.
  • Post your resume so employers can find you.
  • Schedule on-campus interviews with employers visiting K-State.
  • Find contact information for hundreds of companies and recruiters.
  • Receive special announcements about CES events and activities.

Login to a CES Guest Account (Newly Enrolled Students and Others) 
New to K-State or not at K-State? Login to a guest account to view part-time job listings, career fairs, and interview schedules. 
Username: guest
Password: wildcat