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Student of Concern

If you are concerned about a Kansas State Polytechnic student, please complete the STUDENT OF CONCERN FORM. Student Life can reach out to a Polytechnic campus student who seems to be having difficulty and intervene before things reach a crisis level.
If this is an on-campus emergency that requires immediate action, please dial 911 or campus security at 785-826-2952.
Use this form to report concerns about any of the following:
  • A student's mental state or well being
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviors in the classroom or on campus
  • A student posing a threat to themselves or others
Concerned members of the Polytechnic campus community can call Student Life at 785-826-2971, or use the following form to relay information. Please be specific as you can, including additional identifying information (such as room number, phone number, etc.) and any relevant details that could help us help this student. Once we receive your report, we will assess the information and determine the best way to help the students.