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About Student Money Management Center

Peer financial coaches provides free information and education for current students who are seeking assistance with:

  • Developing a Personal Budget
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Managing Credit Cards
  • Creating a savings plan
  • Accessing Money Management Tools & Resources

Students at K-State Polytechnic studying to become financial planning professionals serve as peer financial coaches for the program, assisting fellow students with their money questions.

The goal is to provide helpful tools and information to support students' financial goals as they work towards accomplishing their academic goals.

Responsibilities of Peer Financial Coaches:

Peer Financial Coaches provide individual financial coaching sessions to their peers (other K-State Polytechnic students). The Peer Financial Coaches mentor other students in a professional, confidential manner. Along with coaching their peers, Peer Financial Coaches also build their professional skills in writing articles, public speaking, and event planning. They are trained to provide presentations to K-State classes and student organizations on personal finance topics. Advice and presentations include topics related to: budgeting, building and maintaining good credit, student loans and repayment options, employee benefits, saving, and identity theft. Peer Financial Coaches must attend all initial training sessions and all monthly continuing education (CE) training sessions.

Benefits of being a Peer Financial Coach:

Students will get to use their classroom knowledge to educate fellow students about their personal finances and will obtain financial planning experience under supervision. Financial Coaching hours may be able to be applied to fulfill experience requirements for professional designations. Peer coaches will receive pay during their training as well as during their office hours as Peer Financial Coaches. It is also very rewarding to assist fellow students in being financially successful.

Eligibility Requirements:

All applicants must have a major GPA of 3.0 or greater, and must have completed, or are currently enrolled in, coursework related to finance, economics or financial planning (such as MONEY 101, FSHS 105, 301, 400, 405; and/or FINAN 450 and FINAN 661; ECON 510 & 520). While not all of these courses are prerequisites, other coursework eligibility is subject to the verification and approval of the Program Director. Director may require, on an individual basis, successful completion of FSHS MONEY101 on-line 1 credit hour course 


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