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Meet the team

Residence Life Coordinator

Cody WatermanCody Waterman

Residence Life Coordinator

Residence Life Coordinator Assistant


John Baumfalk-Lee

Resident Life Coordinator Assistant
Class: Senior 

I enjoy working at Kansas State Polytechnic housing because I can work with students and friends to provide a positive living environment.  Plus, it's fun!

Fun Fact: I have two Golden Retrievers, Daisy and Dixie, and a Sphero... which they really like

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are trained undergraduate students who live in the residence hall communities. They are students who have lived in the residence halls the previous semesters and provide advice, security, and activities for their residents. The resident assistants are hired in the Spring Semester for the upcoming year. The on-call RA may be contacted by calling 819-RA4U (7248).


DaisonDaison Batangan

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior

I enjoy Kansas State Polytechnic housing because it is a great way to socialize with other students and is an integral part to having the complete college experience.

Fun Fact: I am polylingual and enjoy traveling.

CalvertCameron Calvert

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior

Cameron Calvert is a dashing 22 year old who has a smart but sensible sense of humor which shows itself in many tight but fun situations. In Cameron's free time he likes to listen to classical music, play polo and stuff cheese into small spaces. On the outside Cameron carries a rough display but when you take the time to talk, you may realize there is more to Cameron than meets the eye.

GarciaJoel Garcia

Residence Assistant
Class: Senior

I enjoy working for Kansas State Polytechnic housing because I like building long lasting friendships.

Fun Fact: I like to go on spontaneous road trips with friends and play basketball.

LunaRachael Luna

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior

Working for Kansas State Polytechnic Housing is a great experience and I love it because it gives me the chance to know almost everyone in the dorms and help them with anything they need. It gives me the opportunity to take on more responsibility, thus preparing myself for my future career.

Fun Fact: I can fly helicopters, am learning to fix them, and have two different colored eyes.

GueterslohChris Guetersloh

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior

My name is Chris Guetersloh, I am a senior at Kansas State Polytechnic in the Professional Pilot program. I grew up in Marion, KS not too far from Salina. I am a Resident Assistant and I have been involved in Residence Life for 3 years and love my job. I would encourage every student to live in the residence halls to be a part of the amazing community.

Ibarnhartan Barnhart

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior

Hi, my name is Ian Barnhart a current Senior in the Professional Pilot Program. I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so Kansas was quite the change in scenery, but I have come to love the midwest. This is my first year in Residents Life and I am enjoying every minute of it! One fun fact about me is that I love to the beach and being outdoors.

KochNicholas Koch

Resident Assistant
Class: Junior Digital Media with an emphasis in Web Development Technology.

My name is Nicholas Koch. I am 21 years old and originally from Axtell, Kansas. I enjoy being outside in my free time hunting, fishing, or riding quads. My major here at Kansas State Polytechnic is Digital Media with an emphasis in Web Development Technology. I enjoy working for housing because it allows me to become closer to residents and help them with any issues that they may have.
Fun Fact: I play the guitar.​

Tyler Thull

Resident Assistant
Class: Senior Professional Pilot

Tyler is a senior in the professional pilot program. Originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, Tyler grew up enjoying winter sports in the mountains and water sports in the summer. Tyler is in his 2nd year as an RA and enjoys it as it allows him to meet lots of new people. After college Tyler plans to enter the corporate aviation sector as a corporate pilot.