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Kansas State Polytechnic

2017-2018 Room and Board Rates

A meal plan is required for each student living in the residence halls. Prices are subject to change pending Board of Regents approval.

Double Occupancy Room
Per Semester
(two students to a room)

  • 14 meals per week: $3,243

  • 19 meals per week: $3,469

Single Occupancy Room
Per Semester

  • 14 meals per week: $5,188
  • 19 meals per week: $5,414

Misuse fees are assessed according to the schedule of charges provided by the Office of Residence Life.

Contract cancellation fee of 40% of the remaining balance for the year is applied to contracts cancelled before the end of the semester in which the contract is canceled. Exceptions listed in the housing contract.

$30 Non-refundable Application Fee

Residence hall contract

Additional Days Contract

Off Campus Meal Plan

Summer Contract