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Kansas State Polytechnic

Housing Application and Room Selections 

Applying for housing is easy! 

Start your residence hall experience now
  1. Apply for housing by submitting the online housing contract, and the $30 application fee.

  2. Complete the entire application including what type of room and meal plan you wish to have as well as the roommate questionnaire at the end.

  3. In early July, you'll receive an email with your hall assignment and roommate contact information. Get in touch with your roommate to get to know each other better and to coordinate what to bring.

  4. Residence halls open for occupancy in late August.

Additional days contract

If you will be staying in the halls during a time that they are typically closed, such as Thanksgiving break, Winter break or Spring break, you will need to request and purchase additional days through the Additional Days Contract.


Residence hall contract

Additional Days


Summer Contract