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Unmanned Aviation Systems

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Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) for Industry

Kansas State Polytechnic's Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) program is a national leader in the unmanned aviation field and provides many opportunities to engage with industry.

Small UAS Rule 
The Small UAS rule was announced the week of June 20th and will be effected in August 2016. To become a UAS pilot, please visit the following FAA Website. Full information can be found in the Advisory Circular or Complete Small UAS Rule

Please remember these regulations apply to small UAS that weigh less than 55lbs. In section 2 of becoming a UAS pilot, the FAA outlines what the written exam will cover.  We are an approved FAA exam center

To join our mailing list for updates or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at profed@ksu.edu or call 785-826-2633.

Training Solutions

With flight instructors, cutting edge research, and unique flight instruction locations, Kansas State Polytechnic is your choice for industry looking for training and research partnerships. Submit a training inquiry to start your training today.

Consultation - Fee For Service

Kansas State Polytechnic provides fee for service contracts for special projects, program consultation, and unique staffing needs. Submit a consultation service inquiry to be contacted by a service coordinator.

Research Capabilities

​Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus provides high-quality research in UAS.  The program’s capabilities include the ability to assemble, on campus, any small UAS system including the gimbal system for the unit. In addition, the program has access to a full CNC machine lab, composites fabrication lab, and Faraday cage for radio frequency research.

The Kansas State Polytechnic UAS program is the principle initiative of the university's Applied Aviation Research Center.

Training Inquiries

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