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Aircraft Type Certification

The Aircraft Type Certification course thoroughly explores the design data process leading to issuance of an airworthiness certificate. Emphasis will be on type design and FAA approval, manufacturing and engineering responsibilities, noise certification, and conformity. This is the second course in the Kansas State Polytechnic Aircraft Certification Program. More details about this course and online registration will be announced soon.


This hybrid course consists of seven online modules and three days of classroom instruction for a total of 45 instructional hours over the course of eight weeks.


Please contact Professional Education and Outreach at profed@k-state.edu or call our toll free number at 855-552-0079.

About the Instructor

Rangan Ramasamy

Mr. Ramasamy is a senior manager with 25 plus years of experience in Product safety certifications, aircraft certifications and system engineering design. His aircraft certification experience includes Airbus A380 and F35. After receiving his MSEE from Virginia Tech, Mr. Ramasamy worked as a senior engineer, team leader, senior manager, and consultant across several industries, and with companies including GE, HONEYWELL, DELPHI, THALES, CESSNA, PHILIPS, Celestica and RBC Medical.

His areas of experience include Converter/Inverter design and product safety, aircraft system design, safety analysis, and certification documentation, rail control system design, and safety analysis. Mr. Ramasamy is registered to practice before the US Patent and Trade Mark office including its appeal board. He obtained a Remote Pilot in Command license for unmanned aircraft in June 2017.