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Profilograph Operator (PO)

The CIT Program provides the following methods for obtaining certification:

1. Register for the Profilograph class and pass the written and performance exams. This option is required for initial certification.

2. Register for the Profilograph Recertification Exam and pass the written and performance exams. The recertification option allows a person to take the written and performance exams for recertification without attending class. If this option is chosen, the individual is expressing their knowledge and ability to perform test procedures without coaching. This option is recommended for individuals who have at least five years experience. The Profilograph workbook will be mailed to the address on the registration.

Course Objective:

The Kansas Department of Transportation requires this course for persons operating manual and computerized profilographs on roadway surfaces.

Learning Objectives:
  • Determine the smoothness of a pavement using a profilograph.
  • Examine a California-type profilograph.
  • Study a sample profile of a highway.
  • Evaluate the smoothness of a pavement using a bump template and blanking band.
  • Determine whether corrective methods must be taken.
  • Study the schedule for adjusted payment.
  • Reduce a trace to discover bump/dip locations.
  • Learn to use DOT form 242m Report of pavement smoothness.
  • Examine DOT form 242C Adjustment for pavement trueness.

Workbook included in course fee

You Must Bring:           


Ball point pen (medium pen with red ink)



Testing Information:

Exam: The class and recertification options requires a written exam and a performance exam.

Score: A score of 70% or higher is needed to pass.